Really System Issue 14: La Mer Systyle

On April 1, Really System Issue 14 entered the world.
go read it.

3 poems at Burning House Press

Thrilled to have 3 not-uplifting poems in Burning House Press to start off National Poetry Month, accompanied by a picture of a man who is not me.

Impersonation & Manual Random Hill in Public Pool

Thrilled to have some poems up in Public Pool alongside many writers I really admire. Also, I have been using this image of me at a printing press for an author photo lately, and just realized it contains my “concentrating face.”
PUBLIC POOL One Space for All Poets - Mozilla Firefox_2017-02-27_12-18-15


I made some Kraftwerk-inspired prints in advance of our repeat performance of the Handcrafted Rhetorics workshop at CCCC in Portland this year. 20 in each of these colorways and 5 on black with white and red (not pictured). Patrick Williams on Twitter made some Kraftwerk-inspired prints for our #4c17 _2017-02-21_12-26-31
If you want one, they’re $5 and available here!

Two poems at Sea Foam Magazine

Excited to have two poems up at Sea Foam Magazine today, “I’m a Sleepwalking Cheetah With a Heart Full of Lip Balm,” which is relatively new, and “Big Money for Broken Gold,” which I wrote in like 2013.

The Broken Record I Want To Sound Like in The Birds We Piled Loosely

I have a long (for me) poem in the latest “sexy” issue of The Birds We Piled Loosely.


I’m thinking I may rework this one as a looping/never ending electronic piece during National Poetry Month, just need to write a much longer version first!

Here’s the actual record this poem is based on:

WordPress Adapted from: Esquire by Matthew Buchanan.