Strange experience on returning

I just returned from the post office with the mail that built up (in four days? i know!) while we were gone, and there were 3 netfilx dvds in there… A few seconds after I did the following, I realized how 21st century I have become. So: stack of netflix envelopes right there in front of me, but (in what seemed to be an instinctual move) I accessed information on a server hundreds of miles away to determine their contents rather than opening them myself.  Heh.

The aforementioned trip to NYC was supergreat. Pictures @ flickr; executive summary below:


  • Seeing a huge crew of fools: Dan, Smooth Dan, Chris, Tess, Bartow, Ryan (!), Kevin, Daniel, Carrie, Jon, Tally, Alex, Nora, Hanney.
  • Rocking the tourist style w/ Ryan on the Empire State Building
  • Eating at favorite joints: Grimaldi’s, Go, Cucina de Pesce, Chip Shop
  • Good meals at places new to us: Loreley, Press 195, Gravy, Pink Pony
  • Inside look at the casket factory near Dan’s place on Union Street
  • Spending more time in the Lower East Side than ever before
  • Kevin playing at Tonic w/ a full band
  • Walking from Dan’s to Tally & Alex’s
  • The weather
  • Seeing an apparently-F’d-up Sam Rockwell eating a slice of pizza on Ave A
  • Late night patties


  • Missing all the out of town friends: Rachel, Real Bobby, Jennifer
  • Missing other folks that were around: Chris, Daniel, Katherine & Erich, Chris infobong
  • International Bar seems to be closed
  • Spending more time in the Lower East Side than ever before
  • Unsuccessfully trying to sleep during Broken Flowers @ BAM
  • Never finding any cold Manhattan Special for sale
  • Actually seeing some Real World Austin episodes
  • ATM fees

Ok, back to work.

One thought on “Strange experience on returning

  1. Wow!!! You guys both looked really skinny and glamorous! Your pictures of NY are so good and remind of the old greenbar days.

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