Future-focused Katrina Help

If I’ve been quiet for the last several days, it’s because I’ve been devouring the news on the Katrina and what’s happening to all of the people who live in her wake. Listening to yesterday’s Democracy Now, I started to wonder how we undertake a second wave of action and support.

If you’ve already donated money, clothes, books and stuff to those affected by Katrina, and still want to do more, here are a few organizations I think could use some support.  There seems to have been an overwhelming outpouring of help in addressing these folks’ immediate food/shelter/water/clothing needs, which is remarkable and should definitely continue, but with our support these organizations may help to take care of "secondary" needs (that doesn’t seem to be the proper characterization), like the ability to receive and transmit information and continued representation in the communities they have been forced to leave. Someone more informed could probably tell me the appropriate word for this, but what I’m looking for is ways we can help some of the organizations that deal with sustaining relief, ones that might be able to make lives before the disaster something to rebuild rather than write off.

This is a totally incomplete list. Some of these are clearly accepting donations, I’ll look into the others… I’m just trying to get down some ideas of places that we might not otherwise hear about. Please help me update this if you have any ideas.

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