If I were software….

I’d be Jason Freeman‘s iTunes Music Signature Maker (via createdigitalmusic.com).  When you run this application, it goes into your library, figures out what you’ve been listening to, and creates a short collage  to represent your taste.

This is the same person responsible for the Network Aurlization for Gnutella that I posted about a couple of years ago. iTSM is great, a kind of hyperlocal, meaning-loaded version of that, with much more fun results.

Here’re two signatures from my iTunes Library, one w/ the defaults, one messing with the settings a little.

You’ll notice this is better than any of the songs by themselves. Please make one of your own.

More interesting stuff:

from the post at createdigitalmusic:

…uses an FFT to merge spectrally similar audio, mixing down your audio smoother than a baby’s bottom.

from the application documentation:

Maybe you’ll load your iTunes signature onto your iPod, e-mail it to some friends, share it in our signature gallery, or stick it on your home page. Maybe it will help you gauge your compatibility with your next blind date: "She seems nice enough, but her iTunes signature is just so atonal! Should I go with my heart or with my ear?" Or maybe an iTunes signature will figure prominently into a political attack ad: "If you’re mad at him for raising your taxes, polluting our environment, and cutting the education budget, just wait until you hear the music he listens to…"

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