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  Color Coded Records 
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So, Sam and I were discussing our digital and analog music collections, like always, and I decided to see what happened if I uploaded photos of the spines of all my records. They were once organized by color, an arrangement that actually lasted a couple of years (see photo at right).  Now, however, my extreme laziness dictates that they end up where they end up, crammed into an order that only archaeologists will understand.

I actually like the way that forces me and others to browse, and, thanks to the wonders of flickr pro, I guess that experience is now semi-webified, but without the satisfaction of hearing what you find.  You can see all 25 cubes of my storage unit in this flickr set.  Sure, many of the images are a little blurry, this method doesn’t allow you to see what lives in the blank-spined sleeves, and you really have to click on "All Sizes" (above the image on each flickr page) to read even the ones that are legible, but… let’s see what happens.  A list of possible fun results:

  • Well, honestly, y’all can see my kick ass record collection without having to travel all the way to Austin (I know you were dying to do that)
  • Find my second worst record (I know in my heart my worst is an unmarked house remix of "Crazy About Her" by Rod Stewart, but these images don’t make that one visible).
  • Even though you can’t make notes on the large version of the images, maybe people will note and comment their favorite songs or albums, or the stories they’re reminded of
  • Maybe you want to make me an outrageous offer on one of these records (though I’m pretty sure I’m not the selling kind)
  • I don’t know what else… select mixes for your own personalized Record Jumble?
  • Maybe everyone else will do this and I can do all of the above to someone else’s records, which I’m dying to do.

So, let’s see what happens.  If y’all complain too much about the image quality, I may shoot some better ones; it took me way longer than I expected to get all 25 images cropped and accounted for, but if there’s anything I can do to make the above list easier. I guess if none of that happens, at least I have these photos for insurance purposes.

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