Our new frozen neighborhood

We found a place last weekend in the Hawley-Green neighborhood of Syracuse. It’s half of an old house– 2 floors, 2 bedrooms. I should be able to easily walk to work, and there are plenty of little restaurants and a coffee shop nearby. The landlord (and the community) seem incredibly nice.  Kelly, for some reason, felt it necessary to tell our landlord that I love wearing long underwear. I do, but dang. I thought that was private.

A street view view of our new street (taken in warmer times– we’ve noticed that the google van was in Syracuse on the most beautiful day of all time).

Oh, and I ran three miles on the treadmill the other day– it’s nice have sore quads again. I hope to get at least a few Prospect Park runs in before we leave. But it’s supposed to snow here, so we’ll see.

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