Theory of Essential Storage, anonymously.

There is something thrilling about having work out there that no one knows is yours. But it’s also nice to get feedback. The Metric, a relatively new, but really interesting magazine, published my poem “Theory of Essential Storage” in their sixth issue. Work appears in the journal anonymously, and authors are eventually revealed on the website (see yesterday’s announcement). I love that they do a little criticism of each piece they include.

Anyway, it’s an honor to have work appear there. If you are interested in the book to which the poem refers, here it is in Google Snippet view if you want to search for the quoted passages:

Wright, Henry, and Nelson George. Tomorrow’s House a Complete Guide for the Home-builder. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1945. Print.

Kelly picked it up at her library’s book sale a few years back. Reading it has the effect of making you instantly hate your home.

One thought on “Theory of Essential Storage, anonymously.

  1. “Reading it has the effect of making you instantly hate your home.”

    Can’t wait!

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