First Track in Ambient Challenge 2014

Greg and I are revisiting our 2005 Assignment: The World! challenge to create ~80min ambient album. I still listen to my album from back then, For Fora, more than I should probably admit. I have some new gear (and no longer have some old gear), so I wasn’t sure what things would sound like.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t using any of the same equipment, and even though I recorded this basically live, I was able to echo some of the sound of my favorite moments on For Fora (specifically: McKinley & Four Seasons). Those were like 15 tracks of messed with samples. The recording above is microbrute (through KAOSS pad and 1990s AKAI s20 sampler) and ebowed telecaster. I need to re-introduce the Omnichord (which was what most of those tracks were played on) with this new project. Looking forward to hearing what Greg will do.

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