Really System Issue Two came out two weeks ago

Hey, I was so busy planning THATCampCNY 2014, I forgot to announce that Really System Issue Two came out on April 1. Some themes emerged from the issue: ghosts, drones, flight, and output.  issue_2I love every piece in the issue, but a couple I want to mention specifically so you’ll read them. Aimee A Norton’s “Apache Error Codes” is a suspenseful poem that does what it says on the tin. Bill Neumire’s “Water Cycle #3 I Thought There Would Be More” is different every time you read it (as long as you only read it about 390,000 times). Fans of Jeremy Dixon’s “In Retail (xxii)” should check out his beautiful book featuring 12 others in the series, available via his Hazard Press.

I talked briefly about Really System during the THATCamp Dork Shorts, which was the first time I had really presented it in a Digital Humanities context. I was happy with the feedback and interest. The most recent Labs post utilizes Voyant Tools, which was something we discussed during the unconference.

Submissions for Issue Three are open until June 1, so please share your work!




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