Restrictive DJ Night, 2010

About 4 years ago, I hosted a restrictive DJ night at the Art School In the Art School. I had almost forgot about it, until I came across this post the other day. The idea was that everyone in attendance got to play a 3-song set, as long as what they played was released in a year ending in 3, had the word “dance” in the title or lyrics, or played at 45rpm. I gave a little DJ school at the beginning, and the each person among the handful of people who attended gave it a whirl. I think this was the true beginning of Record Nite, which is sadly less restrictive (but much more fun).

There’s a recording of the later half of the evening (complete with wrong-speed records, tons of effects, and some overheard conversations) if you want to get a sense of what went down.┬áMaybe my favorite song ever recorded, “William Goat” by Erectus Monotone, is in there at about 23 minutes. But I think the best artifact of the evening is the image of me and Jake talking about how record grooves work while “Lean Meat” by Lonnie Smith plays on the turntable.

2 thoughts on “Restrictive DJ Night, 2010

  1. Thanks, Lib! I hope you can make it up for one some day. When are you going to start doing iridebikes mixes again?

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