Three Poems up at the Collapsar

I am very pleased to have three poems up at the Collapsar.

One of them, MANY PARTS FALL INTO BACKYARDS, mentions a video I once posted here (Former Bass Destroyed, 1/29/2009), of artist Christoph Draeger and friends reenacting the Who’s performance at the Monterrey Pop Festival at the Lyon Museum of Contemporary art in 2007.  He didn’t tell me he was going to smash it when I sold it to him, but I probably would have given him a discount if he had. Here it is again:

pillarunitThat poem also references the 1960 plane crash in my old neighborhood of Park Slope, Brooklyn, about which Christoph had created artwork in his series of jigsaw puzzles of disasters.

The contemporary NYT stories about the crash are horrifying, and the title of the poem comes from one of the slightly lighter headlines from that week: “S.I. HOMES SPARED BY FALLING DEBRIS: Parts of Airliner Land in Backyards — No One on Ground Is Injured MANY PARTS FALL INTO BACKYARDS Fuselage Hits 100 Yards From Woman Running With Her Infant. ” The crash occurred because two planes collided over Staten Island, but most of the United plane fell in Brooklyn.

The Times followed up on the story a few years back, and you can read a bit of that coverage here.




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