“The Gingerbread Method” up at Cheap Pop Lit today

hueyI have a prose poem, “The Gingerbread Method” up as today’s offering from Cheap Pop Lit (“microficion that pops”). It’s part of a 22-poem series, entitled Hygiene in Reading, I’ve been working on since April. The words in each poem in the series are sourced from a single chapter of Edmund Burke Huey’s 1908 The Psychology and Pedagogy of Reading; with a Review of the History of Reading and Writing and of Methods, Texts, and Hygiene in Reading. In this case, Chapter 13: The History of Reading Methods and Texts.

So nice for this piece see the light of day at about the same time I’m finishing the last one. It’s been interesting to make little stories out of the language in what is essentially a textbook, but there have been so many strange and fortunate discoveries in the book. I initially read the book thinking I’d hate Huey at the end of it, thanks to his early 20thC prescriptivism, but I have to admit I’m kind of charmed.

I first learned about this book from Zeynep Çelik Alexander, when she came to SU to give a Critical Connections talk & seminar on non-reading and its connection on slideshow pedagogy. I fell in love with the title of Huey’s book, and realized it also underpins so much of my research in usability and reading on the screen.


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