Ugh I ran 1200 miles in 2014

So, I guess I did it. I completed the dumbest stunt goal I’ve ever attempted. On Christmas day in 2013, I realized I ran my 110oth mile of the year, my most ever. I was pretty ecstatic, and not in my right mind, so right then and there I decided to beat that for absolutely no reason.

Fast forward through 12 months of mostly garbage miles, a few illnesses and injuries, and waaay to many treadmill runs, and I did it.

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 12.43.09 PM


You can see that I was affected by the snowy winter and a run of bad colds & soreness from September on. Hit 1200 on December 29th, and basically just gave up at that point.

Highlights of the year include, of course, the Mountain Goat, three great runs in Seattle, and knowing I probably will not ever have to run in Vegas ever again.

My new goal is to run less, and actually focus on some races this year– the Tipp Hill 4 miler, the Goat, the Empire State Half, and probably a late fall Marathon.

Good riddance, 2014.

One thought on “Ugh I ran 1200 miles in 2014

  1. I’m going to use “garbage miles” ALL THE TIME. Run less in 2015, Patrick, but just to gain momentum for 2016 – your hypermiling year.

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