3 visual pieces up at M58


The ever-fascinating UK pub M58 published three more of my visual poems this week. I’m not really sure what these are, but I’ve had a lot of fun taking text and experimenting with it in Illustrator lately. Here are direct links to the full-size images:

Ill Elvis in literal matte lilt (detail above)

Look at actual distance. / Look repressed. 

On N On O No!

You might recognize the last one from my rarely-updated music blog DON’T ROCK N ROLL NO! (Reminder, I need to get back to that!). The others are a couple of lines from some of the poems I’ve been working on since early January. These two lines kind of stuck with me and I find myself repeating them at night when I’m trying to sleep. I guess I’m trying to investigate the rhythm of that in these images.

These mantra-like pieces are quite a bit different than the first batch of images of mine M58 published about a year ago, but I think these reflect my movement in a direction with my textual poetry that considers space on the page more, and is less photographic/referential/stuck in the recognizable systems of my daily live(s).

It looks like M58 has a print edition in the works, and I’m psyched to see what they do.

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