Doing It Yourself: Special Collections as a Springboard for Personal, Critical Approaches to Information

18My friend and colleague Lucy Mulroney and I have a chapter in the new book on ACRL Press, Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think about Information (PIL #68). Our chapter details our work with Jason Luther‘s 2013 WRT 200 DIY Publishing class and what some creative ways to tie archival research to information literacy. You can read the chapter via our institutional repository, SURFACE.

Incidentally, we’ve been going through the process with Jason’s class again this year. The whole unit concludes next week in a public zine fest held in the library. Please join us! It’s on Thursday, April 16 from 11-12:30 in Bird Library, room 114 (the Peter Graham Scholarly Commons). Hope to see you there!


UPDATE: the book’s editors, Heather Jagman & Troy Swanson, were interviewed in the recent Circulating Ideas Podcast and they briefly discuss our chapter and some of the others.

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