My poem-comic “Redactions” was a contest finalist

My poem-comic “Redactions” was a runner-up for the Gigantic Sequins winter contest. Which means the amazing Bianca Stone took a look at it. Ultimately, she didn’t pick it, but hey, it was the first comic I actually finished in almost 20 years! It feels super just for it to get any attention. Here’s a little taste:


Hopefully I’ll find a home for it soon. I had such a great time making it (and using those gray markers i bought for my For Fora album cover 10[!] years ago) that I’m sure I’ll work a little more of this into my writing practice. Also, my handwriting needs some work.

Oh, and also, Paul Siegell, whose work appears in Really System Issue Six, was also a finalist!


[UPDATE 4/23: Just got word “Redactions” will appear in Heavy Feather Review 4.2, out this summer. So excited about that; I love HFR and was thrilled to have a piece in their recent Vacancies special issue.]

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