This “Conditioning” mini-zine can be yours

Since I was at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair last weekend, and am headed to the Brooklyn Zine Fest, Chicago Zine Fest, and the Scranton Zine Fest in the coming weeks, I have a few small zine projects on the horizon. One of those is this mini-zine of my poem Conditioning, which appeared this month in A Quiet Courage. It’s in the style of the illustrations (because that’s where I got them) and typography of Paul Franz Brandwein’s You and Science: Science for Better Living, the 1960 middle-school science book I’ve been obsessed with since 1996. (Another of my poems, “Your Kind Attention Please,” is actually based on an illustration from that book.) If you want a copy of Conditioning, let me know (email: patrick at this domain) and I’ll send one out (until I run out of stamps). Please consider sending me something back!



One thought on “This “Conditioning” mini-zine can be yours

  1. I love that I have to read your blog to find out when you’re going to be in Chicago. Also I want a copy of Conditioning please. Finally, I would like for this comment to be considered my entry for the commenting contest your mom has started.

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