I finally made some Concordance Poems zines

Very pleased to have finally realized my dream of taking my Concordance Poems project from print to digital back to print again: introducing Fourteen Concordance Poems! Just in time to bring to the Chicago Zine Fest. Find me there and I’ll give you one.

This is the first one I’m planning, but I expect to do more of these as time goes by. So be on the look out for Fourteen Concordance Poems Again, Fourteen More Concordance Poems, The Next Fourteen Concordance Poems, etc. ad nauseum. Now that I have this done I’m planning also to get back to posting the poems I’ve found more regularly (the last one was 3 months ago, sheesh). I have a bunch on deck and ready to go. You can always follow @ConcordancePoem on twitter for automatic updates. & just like with my Conditioning mini-zine, let me know you’re interested at patrick at this domain, and I’ll drop one in the mail to you. They’ll both fit in the same envelope for sure.

Time to ILL some more concordances.



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