“Redactions” in Heavy Feather Review 4.2

I mentioned a few months back that I had a poem-comic showing up in print soon, & on Tuesday, I got my contributor’s copy of the issue in which it appears in the mail. “Redactions,” a three-page comic I did about some things that all happened in around 2001 was printed in the latest issue of Heavy Feather review:

CMLDK6DUcAAt_75.jpg largeMaybe it’s the paper, or just the being-in-print, but I think it actually looks nicer than my original. It’s still jarring to see my own chicken-scratch handwriting reproduced in a journal; I hope it’s not too illegible.

Anyway, you can order the issue now. It’s loaded with great work by Meghan Privitello, Jane Lewty, Marco Maisto, and more, and features another *color* comic by Disa Wallander.

Can’t wait to get to work on another comic.

Fun fact: the subway scene from the comic took place when Kelly and I were on our way to see Les Misérables with her father.

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