Hygiene in Reading is now available for you to order and receive via mail

Yesterday was the surprise release date of my chapbook Hygiene in Reading, out via Publishing Genius Press. You can order a copy for $7, which is a steal, imho. I’ve written posts about that series of poems before; now you can see the beautiful cover designed by Joseph Young, the interior collage I made from illustrations in the source text, and even how the poems are typeset before you order. Hygiene in Reading by Patrick Williams - Publishing Genius - Mozilla Firefox_2016-06-07_16-58-32

So excited that this book is now out there in the world, and, of course, super honored to have it associated with the great Chris Toll. My sincere thanks to the prize committee, to Jaime Perez for being such a supportive editor, and to Adam Robinson for designing such a beautiful book.

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