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In order to get a handle on the screen printing set up I’ve got in the basement, I made a couple dozen prints mixing the Misfits skull w/ Otto the Orange. They’re 12 x 12, and you can have one if you ask.

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Media & Methods Collages at Carbon Culture Review

A bunch of collages from my Media & Methods series are up at Carbon Culture Review this month. The images are taken from discarded AV instruction textbooks from the 60s I got when I was in library school.  I spent some time on these at a little mini-retreat I took to Saltonstall Arts Colony in October. Heading back in a couple of weeks and will probably do more collage work to break up all the writing.

Some people have had trouble with the viewer over at CCR, so here they are in full giant form.

Transparencies for Overhead Projection



Still Pictures

Graphic Materials

8 pieces up at Fog Machine

Last week Fog Machine, a new lit place that focuses on *lots* posted a big pile of my work, including one mantra image, excerpted below.

I love that all the work at FM hides behind a dark cloud.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 5.02.44 PM


The Inaugural Syracuse In Print Zine Swap Occurred

Last Saturday, Jason and I partnered with Light Work to put on the first Syracuse In Print Zine Swap. It was small, but I think, successful. A great thing about it was that it involved a lot of poetry. Here are some photos from the event to prove it happened.
Peter Verheyen shows some ziney artists’ books at the zine swap

@syracuseu Librarian Peter Verheyen showing some great books at the #ZineSwap at #LightWorkLab

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Ryan Canavan takes us through his archive at the zine swap.

Ryan showing early zines #ZineSwap #LightWorkLab

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Cara Luddy showing a new zine in production at the swap


Mark Mulroney showing sketchbooks & zines at the zine swap

Hygiene in Reading awarded the 2015 Chris Toll prize & many HiR pieces in Jungftak

I couldn’t have been more excited to learn on October 1 that my manuscript Hygiene in Reading was awarded the 2015 Chris Toll Memorial Prize. The chapbook will be published by Publishing Genius soon. If you haven’t read it, you should check out Chris’s book The Disinformation Phase (Publishing Genius, 2011). & you can read “The Abyss Has No Biographer”  & learn more about him here & here & here.  It’s such an honor even to have been considered for this, and I am grateful to have had my work selected.

Here’s the poem they used as a preview for Hygiene in Reading:

contemporary science stories

Also on October 1, the new issue of London-based prose-poem journal Jungftak came into the world, and it features seven pieces from Hygiene in Reading (including some of my favorite ones). Also, as always, the work in the issue is accompanied by Catherine Williams‘s terrific drawings. The beaver from “With Long Teeth and Upon Returning Later” makes an apperaance in the image associated with my pieces! 

“Redactions” in Heavy Feather Review 4.2

I mentioned a few months back that I had a poem-comic showing up in print soon, & on Tuesday, I got my contributor’s copy of the issue in which it appears in the mail. “Redactions,” a three-page comic I did about some things that all happened in around 2001 was printed in the latest issue of Heavy Feather review:

CMLDK6DUcAAt_75.jpg largeMaybe it’s the paper, or just the being-in-print, but I think it actually looks nicer than my original. It’s still jarring to see my own chicken-scratch handwriting reproduced in a journal; I hope it’s not too illegible.

Anyway, you can order the issue now. It’s loaded with great work by Meghan Privitello, Jane Lewty, Marco Maisto, and more, and features another *color* comic by Disa Wallander.

Can’t wait to get to work on another comic.

Fun fact: the subway scene from the comic took place when Kelly and I were on our way to see Les Misérables with her father.

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