Documentation of Complete Publications in PDF form

Great random archive at public collectors. Lots of art, design,  and punk rock stuff.  Many fully scanned works, like the sweet Dome Book below, as well as some more disembodied art projects.

dome book

Documentation of Complete Publications in PDF form.


Richard Price…

…also wrote and conceptualized the 15 minute film surrounding Michael Jackson’s “Bad” video.

via Richard Price (writer) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Organic Form & kind of

Organic form

The wonderful bookish blog A Journey Round My Skull has a post this week highlighting the fact that Charles Seliger: Redefining Abstract Expressionism is available (at least partially) on Google Books.

I was shocked to see Seliger’s 1944 work Organic Form in my RSS reader, as it’s a piece I’m well familiar with– it was the basis for my kind of project from 2004.

I need a big long project like this one again– I’m already getting excited about the possibilities for all the new basement space we’ll get in our new house (coming Saturday!).

Anyway, in honor of being reminded of this guy, here’s the final phase of my project, a short video, uploaded to youtube and magnificently degraded. Better versions here.

2 Universities’ Plagiarism Policies Look a Lot Alike –


New Year’s Resolutions

In keeping with last year’s resolution to begin enjoying olives (which I accomplished!), this year, I’m planning to learn which olives I like, rather than just blindly trying them all. Also, Kelly and I have started that hundred pushups challenge, since we are both upper-body weaklings.

My three other resolutions: prune my RSS feeds down to about 200, collect everyone’s correct contact information, and keep track of all the books I read and movies I watch. As for the last one, here’s the list so far:

The Zenith Angle by Bruce Sterling.
If… (Lindsay Anderson, 1968)
The Luzhin Defence (Marlene Gorris, 2000)
Bobby (Emilio Estevez) Sucked!
Generation Kill (the 2008 Simon/Burns HBO Series)

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