safety pin solidarity prints

Kelly and I made some safety pin screenprints to let our neighbors know they can count on us. Let me know if you want me to send you one. Or, you can print the template yourself!

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Really System Issue 11: Yes, Sell My Art is in the world

Go read Really System Issue 11. It’s great! The cover is a production still from my film “kind of.”


Out Today: Really System Issue Nine, Y’all Reset My S.

Proud today to release the third Winter issue of Really System, anagrammatically subtitled “Y’all Reset My S.” Yes, running out of compelling anagrams, but who knew I’d still be at this for a third year. Great stuff in the issue! Check it out! issue9_cover

I finally made some Concordance Poems zines

Very pleased to have finally realized my dream of taking my Concordance Poems project from print to digital back to print again: introducing Fourteen Concordance Poems! Just in time to bring to the Chicago Zine Fest. Find me there and I’ll give you one.

This is the first one I’m planning, but I expect to do more of these as time goes by. So be on the look out for Fourteen Concordance Poems Again, Fourteen More Concordance Poems, The Next Fourteen Concordance Poems, etc. ad nauseum. Now that I have this done I’m planning also to get back to posting the poems I’ve found more regularly (the last one was 3 months ago, sheesh). I have a bunch on deck and ready to go. You can always follow @ConcordancePoem on twitter for automatic updates. & just like with my Conditioning mini-zine, let me know you’re interested at patrick at this domain, and I’ll drop one in the mail to you. They’ll both fit in the same envelope for sure.

Time to ILL some more concordances.



This “Conditioning” mini-zine can be yours

Since I was at the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair last weekend, and am headed to the Brooklyn Zine Fest, Chicago Zine Fest, and the Scranton Zine Fest in the coming weeks, I have a few small zine projects on the horizon. One of those is this mini-zine of my poem Conditioning, which appeared this month in A Quiet Courage. It’s in the style of the illustrations (because that’s where I got them) and typography of Paul Franz Brandwein’s You and Science: Science for Better Living, the 1960 middle-school science book I’ve been obsessed with since 1996. (Another of my poems, “Your Kind Attention Please,” is actually based on an illustration from that book.) If you want a copy of Conditioning, let me know (email: patrick at this domain) and I’ll send one out (until I run out of stamps). Please consider sending me something back!



Warm & Heavy on the big screen

ffPeople in Syracuse next weekend can see our film Warm & Heavy on the big screen at the Palace Theatre (just down the street from our house!). It was selected to be screened alongside some other One-take Super 8 films as a part of the Syracuse Film Festival’s Spring Fest.

I’m really sad we’re going to miss it; there’s also a documentary about our neighborhood (Northside, earlier on Saturday). For people who are not in Syracuse, you can watch the film below, or right here if you want to see the internet comment my mother left on the vimeo page.

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