Two more small films

Kelly & I participated in the Syracuse Super 8 Film Festival again this year, and our films are now viewable online. This year we did two films, due to camera malfunction. One’s in color, one b&w. The soundtracks come for This One comes from YouTubes of people narrating their collections of things, and the soundtrack to All These comes from the Psychology Today Record Series LP on memory & problem solving.

This One

“This One” by Kelly Delevan & Patrick Williams from OTS8 Syracuse on Vimeo.

All These

“All These” by Kelly Delevan & Patrick Williams from OTS8 Syracuse on Vimeo.

Here are some production stills from the shoot (in our kitchen):



the absolute dumbest sonnet I’ll ever write

Goodbye, #NaPoMo 2016

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Warm & Heavy on the big screen

ffPeople in Syracuse next weekend can see our film Warm & Heavy on the big screen at the Palace Theatre (just down the street from our house!). It was selected to be screened alongside some other One-take Super 8 films as a part of the Syracuse Film Festival’s Spring Fest.

I’m really sad we’re going to miss it; there’s also a documentary about our neighborhood (Northside, earlier on Saturday). For people who are not in Syracuse, you can watch the film below, or right here if you want to see the internet comment my mother left on the vimeo page.

Soundtrack to Cheap Interiors

Kelly and I made another Super 8 film for this year’s Syracuse One Take Super 8. It was basically about watching paint dry. I made a song for it with my Microbrute analog synth and my Volca Beats drum machine, pictured below. Here’s the track. Heavily inspired by the recent Patrick Cowley “School Daze” 2LP. He’s been a hero of mine for nearly 20 years now.

You may remember last year’s film, Warm & Heavy (below). I’ll post this year’s as soon as it’s ready.

Warm & Heavy by Kelly Delevan & Patrick Williams from OTS8 Syracuse on Vimeo.

Two Poems up at VAYAVYA

I have two poems up in the new issue of VAYAVYA, “Behavior Flows,” which is about the first website I ever built, and “Our Loop,” which is not. I mentioned on twitter that one of them borrows from some other works:


I’ll let you guess which one. Here’s the trailer for Beneath the Planet of the Apes, which we’ll be watching as part of marathon next month.

Being 15 Sucks

My good friend Dan Maloney made a (very) short film for the Quinze Film Festival, and he used a bit of music I recorded almost 15 years ago for the soundtrack. Film’s below. If you want to hear the full track, “Phony D’s Nothing Doing Dub,” here it is, but be aware, I built it before I really understood dub, just when I was starting to love it. Probably the best guitar playing I’ve ever done (maybe a close second to “Diet Wine Tonight”). Enjoy!

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