Media & Methods Collages at Carbon Culture Review

A bunch of collages from my Media & Methods series are up at Carbon Culture Review this month. The images are taken from discarded AV instruction textbooks from the 60s I got when I was in library school.  I spent some time on these at a little mini-retreat I took to Saltonstall Arts Colony in October. Heading back in a couple of weeks and will probably do more collage work to break up all the writing.

Some people have had trouble with the viewer over at CCR, so here they are in full giant form.

Transparencies for Overhead Projection



Still Pictures

Graphic Materials

#whyicritlib in seven brief statements

#whyicritlib because I have learned so much from this community, including being inspired by #whyallyallcrtilib while I write this

#whycritlib because I have always been uncomfortable with our field’s ability to believe its own hype, to erase its past, to see systems as solutions, and to accept unacceptable terms

#whyicritlib because I have never felt like I fit into any of my professional roles and articulating a critical approach to my work gives me something concrete to do about it

#whyicritlib because I’ve connected with others who feel the same way

#whyicritlib because I am working against an information ecosystem that silences and excludes in ways I was not professionally prepared to challenge before entering the field

#whyicritlib because I know I need to work within a critical, reflective, and diverse community of accountability to minimize the harm I contribute to as a member of a privileged institution

#whycritlib because it’s the first thing in years that has made me actually want to do homework


The Daily Orange profiled me for Work Wednesday

The SU student newspaper, The Daily Orange, profiled me for their Work Wednesday series. The reporter was a former student who’d met me in Special Collections for a session in her Poetry of Struggle class (taught by my dear friend Jesse Nissim). The photographer was great, and ended up getting a little abstract with my portrait. Here’s the print version below. The electronic version has a different headline and caption, but warning, the image is HUGE.



Really System Issue 8: Melty Slayers

I somehow missed posting here that the latest issue of Really System is now in the world! Very prooud to have been the beneficiary of all of this strong work. THis may be the most cohesive issue so far. Thrilled to have words like dudebro, payphoneJNCOs, bolted, & crypts to the RS corpus. Some new textual treatments coming to RS Labs soon.

RS 8

Doing It Yourself: Special Collections as a Springboard for Personal, Critical Approaches to Information

18My friend and colleague Lucy Mulroney and I have a chapter in the new book on ACRL Press, Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think about Information (PIL #68). Our chapter details our work with Jason Luther‘s 2013 WRT 200 DIY Publishing class and what some creative ways to tie archival research to information literacy. You can read the chapter via our institutional repository, SURFACE.

Incidentally, we’ve been going through the process with Jason’s class again this year. The whole unit concludes next week in a public zine fest held in the library. Please join us! It’s on Thursday, April 16 from 11-12:30 in Bird Library, room 114 (the Peter Graham Scholarly Commons). Hope to see you there!


UPDATE: the book’s editors, Heather Jagman & Troy Swanson, were interviewed in the recent Circulating Ideas Podcast and they briefly discuss our chapter and some of the others.

Really System at Handcrafted Rhetorics Workshop

Last week I went to Tampa for the 2015 Conference on College Composition and Communication Annual Convention and to conduct a pre-conference workshop, Handcrafted Rhetorics: DIY & the Public Power of Made Things, with Jason Luther, Frank Farmer, Chelsea Murdock, Martha Webber, and Kristi Prins. The handouts for the makers’ faire portion of the workshop and additional details can be found at Thanks to the folks from the Tampa Free Skool and from the Tampa Zine Fest — Shae, Phillip, and Cole– for participating and bringing some local flavor to our discussion (also thanks for the record store and restaurant recommendations!).

A storify (in which I feature heavily, as self-appointed scrivener for the session) appears below.

As a bonus, our flight was delayed on Friday, so Jason and I got to spend a morning at the beach!

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