Kruger in my old hood

Barbara Kruger Covers Up the Lever House – ANIMAL.

This looks like a pretty amazing installation– Lever House, at 390 Park Ave, was just a few buildings away from where I first worked in NYC (which I came to refer to as “Dark Tower”). I often sat a cross this building and just stared at it over my food-cart lunch. If I were there now, I’d have something to read.


(Fake) Subway Advisory! – Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events.

This probably coulda been funnier, but nonetheless. The real question is why I am still subscribed to so many NYC blogs now that I have escaped. I always thought that the MTA PA system was a catch-22: removing your headphones to listen to the message was always equally as painful as unexpectedly ending up wherever you would if you didn’t listen.

Perfect match on the type and layout, though. I also love the absolutely confounding effective times and dates. Usually those were harder to understand than the service changes.

April March @ Bowery Ballroom, 1/18/08

The Coolest Year in Hell clips

NY77: The Coolest Year in Hell

Kelly and I recently re-watched Summer of Sam, which I hadn’t seen since I before I ever moved to New York. That was a strange phase for Spike Lee, but a pretty good movie, I think, if a little too abrasive. Anyway, that plus watching Swingtown on Netflix has me once again devouring the 70s. Excited to see the P5 linked to this this morning. Great graphics. The Blackout clip is the must-see:

Jimmy V; Joe Jackson; some news.

Kelly and I headed to Madison Square Garden last night to see both Davidson and UT win their games in the Jimmy V classic. Both games were great (especially Stephen Curry’s last few minutes against West Virginia) and got me excited for our next couple of months. UT played Villanova, who seemed to really lose their way in the last 10 minutes of the game. The crowd was mostly rowdy Nova fans, many of whom were incredibly drunk– I saw more fighting in the crowd than at any other sporting event (or rock show!) than I’ve ever been to. Our section of Texas Exes was pelted with ice and drinks as we ended the game with “The Eyes Of Texas,” and I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it a little bit when a bigger Texas fan dropped one of the worst offending Villanova idiots on his head in a particularly vicious altercation. This is, I guess, why beer is only sold at off-campus NCAA events. Ugh.

I just hope that the behavior of the Villanova fans is not typical of the Big East— we’ll be at a lot of BE conference games, hopefully, once we move to our new home in Syracuse next month. That’s right, we’re moving: I accepted a job at Syracuse University right before Thanksgiving. I’m really looking forward to it, and we’re heading up there this weekend to find an initial place to stay. I’ll start in early January.

Somewhat unrelatedly, on my way to the Garden to meet Kelly last night, I listened to this week’s The Moth podcast, which featured my hero Joe Jackson telling a story about his early days playing in pubs (a bit of the story is also in his great memoir, A Cure for Gravity). Thanks to J for making sure I didn’t miss it! I bring this up, because I keep meaning to post my top 10 or so albums for 2008… Joe’s Rain is definitely on that list.

Busy time; no running yet; lots of art

Swimming fish sticksJust a quick update. Kelly and I checked out the Banksy show this weekend (photoset on flickr), and also hit the Guggenheim. The Catharine Opie photographs were pretty spectacular, but the museum seemed mostly empty otherwise. I returned from Austin exhausted and relieved, and will take my oral exams by video conference before thanksgiving. We’re looking forward to lots of visitors: my folks this week, Libby and J next week, Bob and Sabia the following week, then down to Charlotte for Thanksgiving. It’s a whirlwind until Christmas.

I’m planning to get back to running this week, at least on the treadmill… the weather is getting perfect for long runs in the park though.

It may only be the recent trip to Texas, but Kelly and I are now addicted to Friday Night Lights.

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