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A month to create a full length album. Most often described as ambient. Words like "experimental" were bandied about but there were no constraints. Some emphasis was placed on sounds to accompany work. Listen to Greg's, J's, Patrick's, Sam's.

Many listeners will likely remark: Come on, I could have made this. I say: Please please do. More personal sound now!

Results; August 31, 2005

for fora cover for fora back cover

For Fora

  1. Four Seasons (3:48)
  2. Prestonwood (6:37)
  3. McKinley (6:16)
  4. Town East (3:09)
  5. Red Bird (0:48)
  6. Eastwood (8:19)
  7. Signature Place (6:22)
  8. Ridgmar (0:37)
  9. Northpark (7:29)
  10. Collin Creek (6:43)
  11. Richardson Square (2:51)
  12. Valley View (8:26)

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