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Welcome to Record Jumble

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Record Jumble is a showcase of the strange, cool, and rare gems that I don't typically unleash on you guys in public or at parties. I use the term "rare" very loosely-- meaning both those recordings I consider scarce and those that rarely receive any attention.

This project started as a mixtape, but Nicecast and podcasting have allowed me to not have to mess around with burning discs and mailing them.

How to listen:

I'm broadcasting when you see the broadcast indicator on this page, the ACTIVITYSTORY: homepage, or the ACTIVITYSTORY: Blog, or, at the times listed on this page.

Send an AIM message to RecordJumble during a broadcast and I'll send you the url to the streaming broadcast. It'll be a different url each time, so make sure you let me know you want to listen. Also, you can chat with me during the broadcast to tell me what you want to hear.

Most live broadcasts will be archived and available via my podcast.

More about Record Jumble

These tracks are related to one another in a number of ways, as I imagine you will discover, but putting together a cohesive mixtape was not my goal. At the end of this process I hope to have a balanced and comprehensive digest of the less-played but much-loved records in my collection.

Most of you will hate some of these tracks, some of you will hate all of them, others of you may even want to remix them; I just ask that you listen and consider how and why these sounds ever made it to vinyl for mass distribution, and who consumed them. Immersed in all of our shiny technology today, we forget how massive an undertaking it was in the past to get sounds out to the world.

While inclusion within Record Jumble is by no means an endorsement of the quality of a track or the intentions of its creators, I have to admit that most of these records are very close to my heart. Please excuse any skips or surface noise (or bad mixes) during the program; just be thankful that, for better or worse, you're hearing this stuff before it is lost forever!