My Favorite Music of 2010

Not feeling all that descriptive. no more than 5 words. Several EPs on this list; I’ve lost my attention span. Few real surprises, I suppose.(Favorite songs way down below)

Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: Before Today
Nothing was better than this.

Wild Nothing: Gemini
Keep reviving what he’s reviving.

Pairs: Pairs EP
This year’s Japandroids, to me.

Arctic Death: S/T EP (& untitled CDR)
Western New York Represent, yo.

Beach House: Teen Dream
Of course this is on th’list.

Jason Forrest: Utopia EP
Much more accessible, also: free!

Stereolab: Not Music
Start, end with side four.

Kurt Vile: Square Shells EP
Was free, for a minute.

Benoit Pioulard: Lasted
Gets me every single time.

Solex vs. Jon Spencer + Christina Martinez: Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown
All of them, back finally.

Sam Prekop: Old Punch Card
Librarians must all love this album.

The Soft Moon: S/T
Buzzing, squealing across the warehouse.

High Places: High Places vs. Mankind
Love where it goes eventually.

Magic Kids: Memphis
Almost painfully perfect, thankfully brief.

Jaill: That’s How We Burn
A nice little rock record.

Honorable mention, no reviews: Charlotte Gainsbourg: IRM; Efterklang: Magic Chairs (Wait, that was 2009?); Tobacco: Maniac Meat, Foals: Total Life Forever, Janelle Monae: The Archandroid, and Oval: O.

Favorite Songs of 2011:
Baptism,” by Crystal Castles
How Does Somebody Say When They Like You?” by A Sunny Day in Glasgow
Round & Round”, by Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
“It’s Kate’s Birthday” by Washed Out
“Weird Machines,” by Small Black
“Silver Soul” by Beach House
Nicole Atkins cover of Can’s “Vitamin C”
“You Wouldn’t Have to Ask” by Bad Books
“Hey Boy” by Magic Kids
“Love Cry” by Fourtet

More gems in my account.

What about you?

Have a look at older lists: 2009, 2008.

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