Really System Issue Four: Sell A Mystery released this week

issue4_coverI’m super excited to get the new issue of Really System out into the world this week. This completes a year of incredible submissions (too many great ones to print!) and some new and exciting connections for me. I’ve learned so much about editing and community with this project, and I look forward to producing the first Really System Yearly Smelt annual report. Lots to think about as I work with the text of these issues in putting that together.

A couple of initial Really System Labs projects with the issue:

&, with the whole volume text:

Read, enjoy, and submit to Issue Five!

In case you were wondering, the cover photo was shot at Pizza Foundation in Marfa, Tx, in 2006. So much of the issue is about frame, scope, and iris that I thought it was appropriate. Now I’m hungry.

One thought on “Really System Issue Four: Sell A Mystery released this week

  1. Congrats, P! I can’t believe I didn’t know there’s a Really System Bot tweeting at intervals. Of course there is.

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