Do you need to slay all those summer parties? I believe that you do.

Do you have an armamentarium of sick moves you’ve locked away but who scream scream scream to get out? I know that you do.

Do you love the super stoned sounds of the 70s? The elite era of early 80s luxury? Tell me about it. But also SHHHH.

Is there a HOT-DANCE-MUSIC-FOR-STRUTTING-sized hole in your life? I know that there is.

For that purpose, I provide for you, free of charge, a mix entitled HOT DANCE MUSIC FOR STRUTTING which includes many of my favorite tracks from fortyish years ago. Now, *a lot* of this music is widely considered “disco,” some is considered “funk,” and some “novelty garbage,” but I love it with all my heart and hope you will too.

HOT DANCE MUSIC FOR STRUTTING is meant to be played LOUD and with ample floor space for your full human physical expression. This is 2+ hours of that shit you feel in the bottom of your soul. These songs are long because you are supposed to forget that there was ever a moment when they weren’t playing. This is wake up call for your asses. Don’t sleep.

The mix includes some well-known favorites as well as some under-considered ghost jams, and owes an enormous debt to Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby,” which was not included. Throw that on after this ends, then start the whole shit again. The night demands it. SUMMER FOREVERRRRR!!1!

In closing, a fun fact: I once listened to Andrea True Connection’s “More, More More” (track 2 on the mix) 17 times in a row. It is hands down my favorite song ever recorded. Like me, it turns 40 this year.

Your friend in sound,

HOT DANCE MUSIC FOR STRUTTING-1.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Pro DC_2016-05-13_13-51-17


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