February Track in Ambient Challenge 2014

Here’s my track for February. This time it’s just Omnichord and effects, noise reduced and sequenced/overlaid in GarageBand. I need to start using my USB audio interface instead of just lazily hitting record on my laptop, but I like the additional noise that comes in from me moving around turning knobs and pushing buttons.

First Track in Ambient Challenge 2014

Greg and I are revisiting our 2005 Assignment: The World! challenge to create ~80min ambient album. I still listen to my album from back then, For Fora, more than I should probably admit. I have some new gear (and no longer have some old gear), so I wasn’t sure what things would sound like.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t using any of the same equipment, and even though I recorded this basically live, I was able to echo some of the sound of my favorite moments on For Fora (specifically: McKinley & Four Seasons). Those were like 15 tracks of messed with samples. The recording above is microbrute (through KAOSS pad and 1990s AKAI s20 sampler) and ebowed telecaster. I need to re-introduce the Omnichord (which was what most of those tracks were played on) with this new project. Looking forward to hearing what Greg will do.

Self Portraits Redux

We’ve done another round of self portraits… Feel free to submit others. Greg and I look considerably different now than we did last time around. Thinking we may make this a more frequent occurrence. Anyway, take a look:




Sam sounds off, album set complete!

This just in…

The full length album project is complete. Sam turned in his haunting “Sambient” last night, and ears will never be the same. You can now fill nearly half a work day (if you don’t work all that hard) with sounds from us. For those of you waiting to hear the complete set of recordings, get going:

>Four Full Length Albums, August/September 2005

Assignment: The World: Full Length

Looka: The albums are in!

J’s, Greg’s, and mine are all finished and available for your listening pleasure. Or displeasure. You can even listen to the full album in a single mp3 file, so’s you don’t have to keep clicking.

We got together on Friday night and sat in Sam’s dark living room listening to them, but they may be better suited to zoning out and getting some work done.  Let us know what you think!

Sam’s is nearing completion after some unfortunate technical difficulties.  I’ll get that posted when he’s done.

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