Imperfect anthology

My Einstein poem, “In the Archive”, was published in this cool anthology for middle school students. It’s a great bunch of work by a ton of poets I admire. Order a copy!


A Form of Beta out now from

Thrilled to announce the publication of Merhnoosh Torbatnejad’s A FORM OF BETA as #2. I absolutely love the slender and mysterious poems it contains. Order now at


Putting On Mourning for Aelis, from

2017 is going to be an exciting year, and part of that excitement comes from a new thing I am doing. In early 2016 i invested a paycheck from a freelance gig from a major publishing house in a screenprinting set up and decent printer, with the intention of starting a tiny little press.

The result is, and the first title is Katharine Diehl’s PUTTING ON MOURNING FOR AELIS, which is a freaky, witchy little book of poems. I’m thrilled with how it came out, and they’ve been flying off the proverbial shelves. Get yours before I run out! Only 60 were made.

aelis aelis2 aelis3

Hygiene in Reading is now available for you to order and receive via mail

Yesterday was the surprise release date of my chapbook Hygiene in Reading, out via Publishing Genius Press. You can order a copy for $7, which is a steal, imho. I’ve written posts about that series of poems before; now you can see the beautiful cover designed by Joseph Young, the interior collage I made from illustrations in the source text, and even how the poems are typeset before you order. Hygiene in Reading by Patrick Williams - Publishing Genius - Mozilla Firefox_2016-06-07_16-58-32

So excited that this book is now out there in the world, and, of course, super honored to have it associated with the great Chris Toll. My sincere thanks to the prize committee, to Jaime Perez for being such a supportive editor, and to Adam Robinson for designing such a beautiful book.

I finally made some Concordance Poems zines

Very pleased to have finally realized my dream of taking my Concordance Poems project from print to digital back to print again: introducing Fourteen Concordance Poems! Just in time to bring to the Chicago Zine Fest. Find me there and I’ll give you one.

This is the first one I’m planning, but I expect to do more of these as time goes by. So be on the look out for Fourteen Concordance Poems Again, Fourteen More Concordance Poems, The Next Fourteen Concordance Poems, etc. ad nauseum. Now that I have this done I’m planning also to get back to posting the poems I’ve found more regularly (the last one was 3 months ago, sheesh). I have a bunch on deck and ready to go. You can always follow @ConcordancePoem on twitter for automatic updates. & just like with my Conditioning mini-zine, let me know you’re interested at patrick at this domain, and I’ll drop one in the mail to you. They’ll both fit in the same envelope for sure.

Time to ILL some more concordances.



Doing It Yourself: Special Collections as a Springboard for Personal, Critical Approaches to Information

18My friend and colleague Lucy Mulroney and I have a chapter in the new book on ACRL Press, Not Just Where to Click: Teaching Students How to Think about Information (PIL #68). Our chapter details our work with Jason Luther‘s 2013 WRT 200 DIY Publishing class and what some creative ways to tie archival research to information literacy. You can read the chapter via our institutional repository, SURFACE.

Incidentally, we’ve been going through the process with Jason’s class again this year. The whole unit concludes next week in a public zine fest held in the library. Please join us! It’s on Thursday, April 16 from 11-12:30 in Bird Library, room 114 (the Peter Graham Scholarly Commons). Hope to see you there!


UPDATE: the book’s editors, Heather Jagman & Troy Swanson, were interviewed in the recent Circulating Ideas Podcast and they briefly discuss our chapter and some of the others.

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