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(Fake) Subway Advisory! – Gothamist: New York City News, Food, Arts & Events.

This probably coulda been funnier, but nonetheless. The real question is why I am still subscribed to so many NYC blogs now that I have escaped. I always thought that the MTA PA system was a catch-22: removing your headphones to listen to the message was always equally as painful as unexpectedly ending up wherever you would if you didn’t listen.

Perfect match on the type and layout, though. I also love the absolutely confounding effective times and dates. Usually those were harder to understand than the service changes.

These + concrete planks= sweet bookshelves

RIP Randy from Pylon

PYLON on Flickr – Photo Sharing.

Glad we got to see you live!

As long as they can still make Gorilla Warfare, I’m fine with it

One of very few regrets upon leaving Brooklyn

Sarah Vowell DJing with her iPod!

It’s as forces are actually conspiring to make me miss that place– The Bell House got like 100x better the second we left. Still, though, no regrets.

brooklynvegan: Eugene Mirman’s book party (David Cross, Hodgman, Schaal, Tompkins & Mr Brownstone) @ the Bell House, NYC – pics.

What the link doesn’t mention is that Larry Johnson also performed, Sarah Vowell DJ’d, and that Kristen Schaal apparently played theremin while dressed in some kind of foam suit. Pretty awesome night when a GNR cover band is actually the lamest part of the bill.

Luckily, this morning, I was able to buy tickets to see both Sarah Vowell and Bell House regular AC Newman in Syracuse and Ithaca, respectively in the coming weeks.

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