3 poems in The Occulum

I was thrilled to have three poems featured in the Occulum recently. Two of them involve the images below.

warm_&_heavyScreen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.22.13 PM

The Broken Record I Want To Sound Like in The Birds We Piled Loosely

I have a long (for me) poem in the latest “sexy” issue of The Birds We Piled Loosely.


I’m thinking I may rework this one as a looping/never ending electronic piece during National Poetry Month, just need to write a much longer version first!

Here’s the actual record this poem is based on:

August, September poems in Beech Street Review & Glittermobs

Three Poems in Posit #10

Very excited to have three poems in the latest issue of Posit Journal. Two have very long titles: That The Lake Would Still Be Frozen Had Not Occurred To Me, But Can’t We Just Leave Tornado Alley Though, & Tinnitus News.You should definitely check out the rest of the issue, especially the visual art.

Not that my poems are true or real or about anything, but when I was in Texas recently I snuck up behind my childhood home and took a picture of the honeysuckle bush that’s in the first poem. Look!


“Subjects” in the new issue of Bird’s Thumb

My poem “Subjects” is up in the new issue of Bird’s Thumb this week. It’s about four photographs, three found and one imagined.

Check out the whole issue. I really like the pieces by Sung Yim and Owen Lucas.

“Aurora Borealis” in Sliver of Stone Issue 8

So pleased to have an uncharacteristic poem of mine, “Aurora Borealis,” published in the most recent issue of Sliver of Stone.   Dan Perez De La Garza took the photo of me that accompanies it.

It’s about the honeymoon trip Kelly and I took to Iceland in December 2003. Here’re some photos I took from bus windows while we were there.

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