safety pin solidarity prints

Kelly and I made some safety pin screenprints to let our neighbors know they can count on us. Let me know if you want me to send you one. Or, you can print the template yourself!

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Hybrid Moments

In order to get a handle on the screen printing set up I’ve got in the basement, I made a couple dozen prints mixing the Misfits skull w/ Otto the Orange. They’re 12 x 12, and you can have one if you ask.

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Two more small films

Kelly & I participated in the Syracuse Super 8 Film Festival again this year, and our films are now viewable online. This year we did two films, due to camera malfunction. One’s in color, one b&w. The soundtracks come for This One comes from YouTubes of people narrating their collections of things, and the soundtrack to All These comes from the Psychology Today Record Series LP on memory & problem solving.

This One

“This One” by Kelly Delevan & Patrick Williams from OTS8 Syracuse on Vimeo.

All These

“All These” by Kelly Delevan & Patrick Williams from OTS8 Syracuse on Vimeo.

Here are some production stills from the shoot (in our kitchen):



The Inaugural Syracuse In Print Zine Swap Occurred

Last Saturday, Jason and I partnered with Light Work to put on the first Syracuse In Print Zine Swap. It was small, but I think, successful. A great thing about it was that it involved a lot of poetry. Here are some photos from the event to prove it happened.
Peter Verheyen shows some ziney artists’ books at the zine swap

@syracuseu Librarian Peter Verheyen showing some great books at the #ZineSwap at #LightWorkLab

A photo posted by Light Work (@lightworkorg) on


Ryan Canavan takes us through his archive at the zine swap.

Ryan showing early zines #ZineSwap #LightWorkLab

A photo posted by Light Work (@lightworkorg) on


Cara Luddy showing a new zine in production at the swap


Mark Mulroney showing sketchbooks & zines at the zine swap

Warm & Heavy on the big screen

ffPeople in Syracuse next weekend can see our film Warm & Heavy on the big screen at the Palace Theatre (just down the street from our house!). It was selected to be screened alongside some other One-take Super 8 films as a part of the Syracuse Film Festival’s Spring Fest.

I’m really sad we’re going to miss it; there’s also a documentary about our neighborhood (Northside, earlier on Saturday). For people who are not in Syracuse, you can watch the film below, or right here if you want to see the internet comment my mother left on the vimeo page.

Restrictive DJ Night, 2010

About 4 years ago, I hosted a restrictive DJ night at the Art School In the Art School. I had almost forgot about it, until I came across this post the other day. The idea was that everyone in attendance got to play a 3-song set, as long as what they played was released in a year ending in 3, had the word “dance” in the title or lyrics, or played at 45rpm. I gave a little DJ school at the beginning, and the each person among the handful of people who attended gave it a whirl. I think this was the true beginning of Record Nite, which is sadly less restrictive (but much more fun).

There’s a recording of the later half of the evening (complete with wrong-speed records, tons of effects, and some overheard conversations) if you want to get a sense of what went down. Maybe my favorite song ever recorded, “William Goat” by Erectus Monotone, is in there at about 23 minutes. But I think the best artifact of the evening is the image of me and Jake talking about how record grooves work while “Lean Meat” by Lonnie Smith plays on the turntable.

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