Imperfect anthology

My Einstein poem, “In the Archive”, was published in this cool anthology for middle school students. It’s a great bunch of work by a ton of poets I admire. Order a copy!


You should buy this book


I was honored to ask to contribute to Shannon Tharp & Sommer Browning’s Poet-Librarians in the Library of Babel: Innovative Meditations on Librarianship, which was released this week. You should buy a copy.

I really enjoyed writing my piece for it, which is about the how the lives of poet-librarians in archives reflect our creative and professional tensions & connections. But the book is full of great stuff by so many poets & librarians I admire, and features one of the most satisfying indexes I have ever seen:

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.22.07 PM

Screen Shot 2018-04-20 at 8.21.44 PM

A dozen poems in Nine Mile

I have a big bunch of poems in the Spring 2018 anthology issue of Nine Mile Magazine, along with some wonderful discussion of the work in the issue by editor Bob Herz, with whom I read last October. It’s a great issue and I am thrilled to be included.
Nine Mile Magazine Home - Mozilla Firefox_2018-04-03_11-33-00

I Can’t Believe You Exist

A Form of Beta out now from

Thrilled to announce the publication of Merhnoosh Torbatnejad’s A FORM OF BETA as #2. I absolutely love the slender and mysterious poems it contains. Order now at


Really System Issue Fifteen: Lastly, My Seer

I somehow missed announcing on here that Really System Issue Fifteen is now in the world!

If you look closely, there’s a self portrait in the cover, taken in the archives of the Experimental Television Center exhibition at Cornell a few months back.

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