I Can’t Believe You Exist

What the Ghost of a Ghost Is

Container asked me to make an artbook out of a PacMan Lunchbox for their multitudes series, and here is the result!
Patrick+Williams+2 Patrick+Williams+1

Audio from Lunchtime Poems reading

Bob Herz, of Nine Mile Press, and with whom I read recently, posted audio of our readings on soundcloud (if you want to hear how bad my cold was).

3 poems in Moonchild

I have three poems in the first issue of Moonchild, which features some fantastic writers whose work I know and love.

3 poems in The Occulum

I was thrilled to have three poems featured in the Occulum recently. Two of them involve the images below.

warm_&_heavyScreen Shot 2017-10-18 at 8.22.13 PM

A Form of Beta out now from typewriter.city

Thrilled to announce the publication of Merhnoosh Torbatnejad’s A FORM OF BETA as typewriter.city #2. I absolutely love the slender and mysterious poems it contains. Order now at typewriter.city


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