LP Collection Visualization

Ways of seeing a bunch of LPs
LP Collection Visualization

A:TW: Self-Portraits Redux

Three entries this time!.
Three faces

A:TW: gtr_improv

2 dudes, 2 guitars, no post-production

A:TW: Full Length

4 people, 4 full-length albums, one month.
Full Length

A:TW: Self-Portraits

First multi-participant Assignment: The World Assignment in a few years.
Two faces

True Confession: I Wore a Wire

I secretly recorded you for a month. Please don’t hate me.
On Tap

kind of

Things done in Fall 2004. A model, some drawings, a collage, work sounds, and video
kind of

Kelly’s NYT Crossword Puzzle

Kelly’s first full-scale crossword puzzle made the New York Times.
NYT Crossword, June 4, 2003

250503 Guestbook

This is the guestbook from our recent wedding, scanned superhuge.

Diet Wine Tonite

This is a song.
diet wine tonite mp3

Mixed Numbers

This is a document.
This is a website.

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