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Assignment: The World: Self Portraits

Most of you know that I'm always trying to make your busy life busier. The online ones seem to work ok, but we're more ambitious that that, right?

Some of you may remember the comic strip contest I proposed last summer. & there are plenty of secret assignments I've planned but never assigned. Finally, someone has complied.

When Kelly & I were volunteer docents at the HRC, there were several striking self portraits on display, and, self-obsessed as I am, I decided that self portraits would be a perfect assignement for everyone. I knew that my best bet for a co-investigator was Greg; he once told me of his triumph taking an opportunity to design a bulletin board at the library way too seriously.

In May, Greg and I assigned ourselves self portraits to be completed by June first, at which time we would view them together and discuss our impressions. Well, here they are:

We mostly talked about our thought process, what we liked, whether or not the portraits were honest expressions, etc. It was fun and enlightening and was performed on a bellyful of buffalo wings.

I (and I imagine Greg) would be happy to discuss any of those concerns in the comments to this post, and would love to read your impressions of our portraits. Oh, & I seriously doubt it, but if any of you feels compelled to produce a self portrait, I offer to post it for consideration.